My Career, My Journey

Join us for our next Alumni Event at 12 – 12:30 pm Thursday 8th December.

We’re delighted to launch our next series of webinars exclusively for our wonderful Alumni called “My Career, My Journey” hosted by our CEO, Jayne Little.

Come on a journey of six inspiring women, all of whom are successful in the Construction & Engineering Industry. Each webinar will explore where their career started, include some key advice, and give us an insight into how they achieved their success. There will of course be time for Q&A at the end.

Our third webinar is with Ruby El – Kanzi, who is a Senior Design Manager working for the Construction Division (PREACH) at Mace, on Thursday 8th of December at 12pm. The link to sign up and find out more is below and we would be thrilled if you would join us.

Ruby El – Kanzi


Ruby’s career journey spans over 25 years. She has worked across Europe, North Africa, Middle East, and Asia. She is a self-motivated Chartered Architect and is passionate about the construction industry, with extensive projects experience covering the full range of skills from leadership, team management, stakeholder management, and detailed design, to project delivery for many large scale projects.


In her long career, Ruby won various international architectural design competitions, and was positively acknowledged by several clients for delivering projects effectively and efficiently. In recent years she has been very active promoting the role of Women in Construction by participating in various platforms and events as well as mentoring graduates in collaboration with various UK charities such as Career Ready, Young Women Trust and the Construction Industry Council. In 2021 she was shortlisted for the Chairman Award in the category of ‘Mentor of the Year’ and in 2022 was also shortlisted for London Construction Awards 2022 for the Women in Construction category.


Ruby’s contributions to general and professional practices of architecture and construction industry could well be summed up as building bridges – being a chartered architect has contributed to her role as bridging the gaps between designers and builders, students, and teachers and between Eastern and Western cultures. She worked closely with clients, scientists, army officers, design teams, charities, schools, universities, and local authorities. She has publicly spoke about women’s contribution to the industry and STEM to be precise. She mentored graduates and young females, supported site teams, and assisted senior management in the implementation of support policies and return to work programmes. Ruby has always had constant strive to improve and be of service for others.


Improvement and service has always been the key to her career and her passion for excellence. Her work fills her with energy, purpose and she feel that her role is allowing her to make a difference in our world and inspire the future generation of Architects and Design Managers.


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My Career, My Journey

My Career, My Journey

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