Award Winning Provider of Diversity and Inclusion Training and Consultancy Services

Our training has been designed to create inclusive workplaces in which all talent can thrive.

Our Training Programmes

We provide impactful and professional training programmes delivered by our team of highly experienced trainers. Our training programmes and coaching truly generate a mindset shifts and immediate changes in behaviour to support positive change.

Our team is comprised of experienced industry leaders who provide external support to men and women across the entire career path from new talent through to top executives and CEOs.


Our award-winning Career Development Training Programme has been designed to help women further their careers across UK business.


Building on the success of EMPOWER, our award-winning Career Development Programme for Women, we are excited to launch THRIVE our new Positive Action Career Development Programme. The programme is designed to level the playing field enabling diverse talent to thrive in your organisation.

Unconscious Bias

Learn how and when stereotypes and bias can lead us to incorrect or unfair decisions and negatively impact the attraction, retention and progression of talent via unfair recruitment, appraisals, allocation of work and succession planning.

Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

Whether you are returning after your first child or have been balancing work and family life for some time, this online programme will deliver renewed confidence as well as practical tools and targeted interventions to help you focus on specific areas of your work and home life, enabling you to safe-guard your professional, personal and mental wellbeing.


Providing external support for men and women looking to strengthen their strategic planning, diversity strategy and performance measuring for improved leadership.

Inclusive Leadership & Management

Inclusive Leadership and Management is an engaging and impactful one-day workshop which generates mindset shifts and immediate changes in behaviour to support positive development on a personal and organisational level.

Return to Work After Furlough

As restrictions start to ease across the UK after the Covid-19 pandemic, and workers are allowed to return to work after being put on furlough, it’s important to remember that everyone’s experience of furlough will be unique to them.

Our Clients