5 ways to help workplace culture change

Businesses always want to be more innovative, streamlined and fast reacting. But for businesses to break free of the restraints of old ways, it means having to embrace workplace culture change.

A business that wants to embrace a new direction requires more than just a company wide memo. It is part of a complete transformation and can, initially at least, feel at odds with the existing company culture and day to day working norms of a business.

A business can demand more from their employees but they cannot force enthusiasm, loyalty or dedication. These all come from a workplace culture change and these are all the positive attributes that businesses are seeking from a workplace culture change.

But culture change takes time. And moving your team towards a new company vision that helps to attract, retain and progress diverse talent requires a workplace culture that equally inspires your existing team and impresses potential future employees.

How can culture change be done?

At Skills 4, we offer unrivalled expertise in the Engineering and Construction sectors with more than 16 years of experience working with more than 150 organisations and over 10,000 delegates. Our proven record in collaborative & impactful partnerships helps us to deliver an agile approach which supports and enhances current EDI progress and has established long-term partnerships with some of largest names in the industry.

Our training programmes can help to benefit your business with diversity, inclusion and equality. All of which can help to bring benefits to a companies workplace culture.

To help expand on this, we have put together 5 top tips on ways that a business can help to improve their company atmosphere and create a positive culture change that brings direct benefits to the business.

Providing purpose to your employees

Meaningful work may not bring with it enthusiasm but it can help bring about a sense of purpose and value to an employee. Creating a culture or purpose and value in a business can help to give employees a sense of belonging.

Offering Better Communication

By communicating your companies new goals and the vision for the businesses future, it helps employees to understand their roles in the journey of the company and the responsibilities that will be placed on them in achieving these goals.

Giving Positive Recognition

Recognising positive achievements in a workplace not only boosts those individual team members responsible but can help them to form a stronger ‘role model’ identity with other staff who in turn try to emulate their success.

And while recognising the positives is a give, you should never forget that people need to be recognised for a job however big or small the win may be. While employees want to have meaningful work and a sense of purpose within a workplace, they also want to be recognised for it.

Strengthen the connections between team members

The change in workplace culture can be a long road if you are starting from such a weak position. A lack of connection for employees has always been a big reason for some to seek different pastures.

Offering benefits to employees ranging from education to training, health and professional/personal growth will have a positive and long-lasting impact. Having a business culture of recognition, reward and goodwill can result in higher interaction and engagement from employees and a sense of connection to the business.

What needs to change?

You can make an employee feel more loyal to a business.  You can give them purpose and a sense of belonging.  But a very big question that needs answered is this – what do you as a business need to change to help promote a culture change in the workplace?

What negative attributes do you want to stop in your business?  What positive behaviours do you want to see continuing and what are you not seeing enough of that that needs to be seen more of in the future?

A workplace culture change is the responsibility of both the company and the employees in the business.  It is a team effort and it is important that, for the business to achieve their desired workplace culture change, everyone needs to be on board and know which direction the ship is sailing.

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