EMPOWER: Career Development Programme for Women

Skills 4 EMPOWER: Career Development Training Programme for Women

Our award-winning Career Development Training Programme has a proven record in levelling the playing field by enabling female talent to advance their careers and progress within their organisation. The Programme has been designed to help women further their careers across not just UK business but globally thanks to our online training course platform.

All sessions are led by our industry experienced programme mentors

The core goal of our Career Development Training Programme has been designed around helping women in the workplace further their careers in the UK business environment. The training programme has now been successfully running for over a decade across the UK and has already helped over 10,000 women in business advance professionally.

The career development training programme is available as a three-month or six-month programme and can be delivered in a face to face or webinar format.

The stats speak for themselves. In 2021 upon completion of the career development training:

had higher levels of confidence/self-belief.
were more positive about progression within their organisation.
had improved their presentation skills. (Part of the 6 month programme)
had taken on extra responsibility within their current role.
would recommend the programme to a colleague.
Within one year of completing the programme over two thirds of participants have been promoted!


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Module One: Confident Communication

The initial module examines the impact of communication on our professional image and introduces a range of tools and techniques to help delegates feel more confident and in control when faced with potentially difficult conversations at work.

Different communication styles are highlighted, as well as the impact these differences can have on both our daily interactions and the outcomes we achieve. The workshop also explores unconscious bias, so that participants broaden their understanding of the dynamics of diverse groups and communicate with greater rapport.

Participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of unconscious bias, stereotype judgements and stereotype threat.
  • Apply assertive communication techniques to a range of different scenarios.
  • Develop an understanding of advanced communication techniques to build rapport and improve relationships.
  • Learn perceptual positioning techniques to improve individual and team relationships.
  • Connect with and learn from each other.

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Module Two: Authentic You

This module explores the importance of image, visibility and effective networking on career progression. Participants will gain the skills and confidence to showcase the talent, knowledge and achievements they have to offer their organisation, thereby giving their employers access to the widest possible talent pool.

Participants will:

  • Better understand the link between your self-image and behaviour and develop techniques to improve self-image and positive behaviours.
  • Understand and gain feedback on the image you present at work and gain tools to improve your reputation and image.
  • Understand the importance of organisational visibility, networking and showcasing.
  • Leave the session with techniques to improve your professional image and visibility, while retaining authenticity.

Module Three: Future Focussed

In this module, women analyse their current levels of commitment, capability and confidence in achieving career development. The workshop enables participants to take stock of their career to date, assess their current strengths and achievements and create a targeted action plan for career success.

Participants will:

  • Complete gap analysis to identify strengths and areas for growth.
  • Consolidate tools and techniques from the programme to remove potential blockers.
  • Learn unique goal-setting methodology to identify career goals.
  • Enhance time-management and prioritisation skills to create time to work on career goals.
  • Stop and reflect on how well you look after yourself.
  • Develop a targeted action plan for success.

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Module Four (Optional): Presentation & Review

This session gives participants the opportunity to consolidate learning through the delivery of a pre-prepared presentation.

EMPOWER Wins at the Inspire Awards

Watch the video expanding on why we were the winner of “Most Inspiring Training Programme” at the Inspire Awards.

Free Lifetime Alumni Membership

All delegates are invited to join the Skills 4 Alumni group which provides a platform to network and share best practice across different businesses within the sector. We host free refresher training and expert talks for our alumni members.

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“The Skills 4 programme is an integral part of our commitment to developing a truly inclusive workplace. Its success over the last 10 years has meant that women in our organisation feel more empowered than ever to put themselves forward for stretch opportunities and promotions – a huge step forward for us and our sector.”

Victoria Jones, Global Vice-President, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion AtkinsRéalis


“There are quite a few challenges for women with careers in construction where barriers stop them from climbing the ladder, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to undertake the Skills 4 course. It has given me so much more confidence.”

Olu Olabode, Commercial Director Balfour Beatty Major Projects

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