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Skills 4 workshops on Unconscious Bias

Creating inclusive, psychologically safe workplaces where we can all bring our best self to work is crucial for both business performance and employee wellbeing. As a company we have seen a sharp increase in requests for training to tackle unconscious bias, however, there is also a great opportunity to raise the issue of allyship, in addition to unconscious bias, to drive sustainable change that will create a more inclusive workplace culture.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion, why bother?

We firmly believe that to change behaviours, we must first change minds and hearts.

Examining the strong business, legal and moral case for diversity and inclusion both now and in the future.This is best achieved through live, candid interaction. Our initial Unconscious Bias session lasts 2.5 hours and is delivered face to face, or via live webinars.

Training is delivered by experienced sector specialists who can quickly get to the issues at the heart of the organisation. Each session gives participants the opportunity to ask questions and interact with their trainer and is tailored to meet the needs of the audience. We have a successful record in delivering impactful workshops from the boardroom; to specific functions such as recruitment and selection teams; through to shop-floor operatives.

Unconscious Bias Workshop
(2.5 hours)

This short introductory workshop is ideal for organisations that are at the start of their diversity and inclusion journey. We are all biased to some extent and this session introduces how and why our biases are created and maintained and the impact they can have on our workplaces and employees.

The relaxed session, led by our industry experienced diversity and inclusion experts, is tailored to meet the needs of the audience; we have a successful record in delivering impactful workshops from The Senior Leadership team through to shop-floor operatives. Delegates will learn how our stereotypes and biases are created and maintained and why they are essential for human beings to operate successfully in a fast-moving world.




  • Understand the moral, legal and business case for diversity and inclusion.
  • Understand the impact of bias on the attraction, retention and progression of key talent.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of stereotypes and unconscious biases and why humans create and maintain them.
  • Understand the main types of bias and how they play out in the workplace.
  • Uncover the simple psychology behind homogeneous teams.
  • Develop ideas to counter bias in our people decisions at a personal and organisational level


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Free Lifetime Alumni Membership

All delegates are invited to join the Skills 4 Alumni group which provides a platform to network and share best practice across different businesses within the sector. We host free refresher training and expert talks for our alumni members.

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We also offer follow-up coaching and consultancy to support in-house initiatives such as unconscious bias awareness campaigns; allyship programmes or to review and embed unconscious bias content into in-house training programmes around key areas such as recruitment and selection and performance management.

“We asked Skills 4 to deliver unconscious bias training to ensure our people understand the part they have to play in creating inclusive cultures where everyone is treated fairly and respected for their skills and expertise. The Skills 4 training has sparked valuable discussions at all levels of the organisation.”

Woz Ahmed, Chief of Staff, Imagination Technologies

“It has been a pleasure working with Skills 4 in the quest to embed best EDI practice and allyship in our organisation. The team and programmes are outstanding and producing excellent results. I can highly recommend working with Jayne and the Skills 4 team and look forward to continued collaborations.”

Fran Long, Head of Training and Talent Development, The Faraday Institution

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