Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias Workshop

Creating inclusive, psychologically safe workplaces where we can all bring our true self to work is crucial for both business performance and employee wellbeing.

Recent trends in the UK Engineering workforce demonstrate that while the proportion of engineers who are female or people from minority ethnic backgrounds is on the increase, the total percentage is still very low with female engineers making up 16.5% of the workforce, and people from minority ethnic backgrounds making up 11.4%.

There is still work to be done around increasing diversity within STEM, and our Unconscious Bias Workshop is a great place to start.

Why Choose our Unconscious Bias Training?

We firmly believe that to change behaviours, we must first change hearts and minds. Our live unconscious bias training session creates a safe environment for all delegates to engage and learn without fear of judgement.

Understanding each other is key to creating a stronger workforce. We demonstrate that stereotypes and biases that we unwittingly hold, can lead us to incorrect or unfair decisions which can negatively impact the attraction, retention, and progression of talent via unfair recruitment, appraisals, allocation of work, and succession planning.

Recognising bias and challenging ourselves with kindness is a great place to in creating a more diverse, psychologically safe, and productive working environment.

At Skills 4, we take the approach that unconscious bias training is not a ‘tick box exercise’, and so we do not offer passive learning, instead we work alongside you and  adapt the sessions to match the current diversity and inclusion needs within your organisation.

Our training is delivered by sector specialists who have extensive experience in the STEM industry, allowing them to recognise and quickly get to any issues at the heart of an organisation.

We take a holistic approach to our workshops and ensure we deliver a lasting and impactful workshop which delivers a sustainable change. We tackle the barriers that still divide the workplace and provide practical tools for change.

An Insight into our Unconscious Bias Workshop

Our short workshop is ideal for organisations that are at the start of their diversity and inclusion journey, or wish to explore unconscious bias in more detail.

Our live training session is led by our industry experienced diversity and inclusion experts. We tailor our sessions to meet the needs of our delegates, demonstrated through our proven track record in delivering impactful workshops from senior leadership teams to shop-floor operatives.

We are all biased to some extent, delegates will learn how and why our biases are created and maintained, as well as the impact they can have on our workplaces and employees.




  • Understand the moral, legal, and business case for diversity and inclusion
  • Understand the impact of bias on the attraction, retention, and progression of diverse talent
  • Gain a deeper understanding of stereotypes and unconscious bias, and why we create and maintain them
  • Discover the main types of bias and how they play out in the workplace
  • Uncover the simple psychology behind homogenous teams
  • Develop ideas and techniques to counter bias in our people decisions at a personal and organisational level

Download our Unconscious Bias leaflet

Feedback from our delegates proves our training delivers:

said the training would contribute directly to business improvements.
recommend the training to a colleague.
had better understanding of unconscious bias, its impact in the workplace, and what to do about it.
gained new knowledge to help lead, manage, or work in diverse teams.
gained better understanding of the impact they have on reducing unconscious bias and creating an inclusive culture

We believe in Lifetime Learning and Development at Skills 4

After completion, delegates are invited to join our Skills 4 Alumni which provides lifelong free membership on a platform to network and share best practice across different businesses in STEM.
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