Balanced Talent

BALANCED TALENT: Flexible Career Development Programme for Women

With more businesses adopting a flexible hybrid approach to working, we have adapted our award-winning EMPOWER programme onto a platform which can be delivered entirely remotely to a global audience, without compromising on quality or the rapport built up between our industry experienced mentors and delegates.

Balanced Talent is designed with our core vision in mind “to live in a world where everyone brings their true self to work” and to continue to help businesses in the STEM sector attract, progress and retain their talent.

Our flexible approach with Balanced Talent includes the following benefits to your business:

  • Reduced downtime out of employee’s working day
  • Build up rapport with the cohort and trainer across the four 90 minute masterclass sessions
  • Reduced travel costs and overnight hotel stays
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Easy to access online global platform
  • Networking opportunities for women across your business
  • Global appeal

Delegate experience is at the heart of our Balanced Talent Programme:

Our programme is led by an industry experienced mentor who will run live masterclass sessions each month for the whole group, as well as one-to-one sessions with each participant.

Variety and flexibility puts our delegates at the centre of this programme:

  • Independent flexible learning modules with delegates free to choose when they are completed.
  • Monthly mandatory ‘masterclass’ sessions with peers and programme mentor providing the opportunity to ask questions, reflect, and connect with others in their cohort.
  • Smaller ‘growth group’ work between masterclasses to provide peer-to-peer support and build sustainable networks.
  • One-to-one work with programme mentor including a compulsory end of programme review; providing the opportunity to discuss specific circumstances on a one-to-one footing.

Balanced Talent is a four month programme with a 90 minute masterclass scheduled in at the end of each month. Delegates will need to commit to a minimum of four hours per month (plus the masterclass) in order to complete the chapters prior to each masterclass so they get the best out of the programme.

Module One: Empower Yourself

Module One covers the background to the programme, including providing tools to enable you to get the most out it by developing key skills around time management and setting boundaries. You will expand your knowledge of the diversity and inclusion landscape by exploring the moral, legal, and business case of ED&I as well as meeting your cohort during the first mentor-led masterclass. Finally, looking after our mental health and wellbeing has never been more important, with an entire chapter dedicated to looking after yourself and signposts to key wellbeing resources.

Module Two: More Than Words

Confident communication is more than just the words we speak. In module two, we examine how people think and communicate and what is going on behind the scenes. We explore bias, stereotype threat and code switching, and consider the impact everyday thoughts and behaviours can have on career progression and the decisions we make in the workplace in areas such as recruitment.

You will gain new knowledge and skills to build greater rapport, plan and lead conversations to reach those more positive outcomes.

Module Three: Confidence, Resilience and Brand

In module three, we promote the importance and value of an authentic brand by examining the beliefs we hold about what we have to offer professionally. You will learn techniques to bolster your self-image, confidence, and resilience; providing a solid foundation for your professional brand.

You will gain clarity around your current brand and develop ideas and actions to develop your brand and showcase your strengths.

Module Four: The Road Ahead

Often women overlook three key enablers for career progression; visibility, exposure, and goal setting. Module four focusses on these enablers whilst providing new ways to increase your visibility in a manner which is comfortable and authentic to you.

You will consolidate tools learned throughout the programme to take ownership of your career, set meaningful goals, and create an action plan for success.

End of Programme Review (one-to-one)

Every delegate benefits from a one-to-one review with their programme mentor at the end of the programme. This review offers the opportunity to consolidate learning, explore and dig deeper into specific tools, increase accountability and maintain motivation.

Free Lifetime Alumni Membership

At Skills 4, we are great believers in life-long learning, that’s why all delegates are invited to join the Skills 4 Alumni network which provides a platform to network and share best practice across different businesses within the STEM sector.

We host regular, free refresher training, and expert talks for our alumni members.

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