Online & Hybrid Diversity Training

With more businesses adopting a flexible hybrid approach to working in the office or at home, our training reflects this approach with a more flexible, dynamic and accessible way of training.

We have adapted our award-winning range of diversity and inclusion training programmes onto a platform which can be delivered entirely remotely, or with a blended approach for clients that desire face to face delivery. All options offer the same high-quality learning experience that we have become so highly regarded for without compromising on quality or the rapport built up between our industry experienced mentors and delegates.

Our adaptive approach to delivering our diversity training allows our clients to access our training in a more efficient, convenient, and risk-free environment whilst having a positive impact on our planet.


Our Delivery Options

Remote Online Only – the entire programme is delivered online over MS Teams.

Hybrid Approach – one day (we recommend the Confident Communication Module) is delivered face to face, with the remaining modules delivered remotely.

Blended approach with masterclass modules (90 minute Mentor-led sessions) and one-to-one support.

Visit Balanced Talent to find out more about our Flexible Career Development Programme for Women.

the benefits of online diversity training

The Benefits of our Online Training Approach

  • Less office downtime
  • Reduced travel costs and overnight hotel stays
  • Easy to access online global platform
  • Full flexibility on training dates
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Ideal solution for those who prefer to work at home
  • Meet a cohort of colleagues from all over the company’s operating area, including globally

The Benefits of our Hybrid Training Approach

  • Meet your cohort face to face and build connections and relationships
  • Increased time to get to know your cohort during session breaks
  • More peer-to-peer support with increased employee participation
  • Full flexibility on training dates

Both approaches promote a positive impact on work/life balance and mental health.

In addition to the positive impact on the environment, reduced travel has a positive impact on the work/life balance of delegates and removes the need for overnight stays. In its ‘UK Working Lives Report 2019’, the CIPD states that commuting time adds a significant additional burden on the time of many workers, equating to additional work-related time of 3 hours 45 minutes on average per week, which can have a detrimental effect on family life and mental health.

“As an organisation, we take the health and safety of employees extremely seriously; as a training partner, Skills 4 were highly proactive and flexible in responding to the challenges presented by Covid-19. Within days they had created a solution which allowed our employees to continue to train in a risk-free environment.

Based on the excellent learner feedback and the positive impact of blended learning on both the environment and the work-life balance of our staff; we have taken the decision to continue running the Women’s Development Programme as a blended learning programme for the 250 women we have committed to support this year.”

Gila Stockell, Learning and Development – AtkinsRéalis

How does online and hybrid diversity training work?

We place more emphasis on peer-to-peer support with delegates being assigned a ‘buddy’ or placed into small ‘growth groups’ at the very start of the programme. Breakout work and tasks are assigned as part of all sessions and all growth groups are encouraged to meet in between sessions to discuss the programme and work together. Delegates are assigned homework to complete or prepare ahead of the sessions.

This increases the strength of internal support networks, provides encouragement and motivation, as well as a sense of ownership for delegates over their own learning.

online gender diversity training

Our high-quality learner experience guaranteed

Delegate Feedback*

  • 100% of delegates rated the training content as Excellent or Good (Excellent, 71%)
  • 100% of delegates rated the trainer as Excellent or Good (Excellent, 86%)
  • 100% of delegates would recommend the programme to a colleague

Delegate Comments:

  • “I was a bit worried about how the course would work with being held virtually but it has been really effective, and I think we’ve had more of a group connection as a result.”
  • “The training has been engaging and thought provoking, looking forward to the next two sessions.”
  • “It’s great that it’s all women and I already feel a good rapport with the rest of the group!”

*Evaluations: Remote delivery Balfour Beatty, March 2020

We offer Coaching and Mentoring to support the delivery of our EMPOWER, THRIVE, and RETURN TO WORK programmes, offering individual insights, and greater growth opportunities on a 1-2-1 basis.

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