Are Your Communication Skills Holding You Back?

Although, the longstanding debate of nature versus nurture remains unresolved, it is widely acknowledged that gender influences our behaviour and one of the most fascinating aspects is communication.
If you spend a few moments observing and listening, you will soon be able to spot some key differences in our non-verbal and verbal communication techniques. However, there is a certain group of words, used more frequently by women, that leave one wondering why? Why do that? Why do it again? Why would anyone do that?
By using these words, we are ‘putting ourselves down’ and doing ourselves no favours at all!. “I would never do that” I hear you cry, but you may be surprised!
What are these words? They include ‘just’, ‘only’, and ‘quite’, amongst others. Many times, I have heard women introduce themselves as ‘just a housewife and mother’, appearing to be ashamed of that. However, by removing the word ‘just’ the implication is that they are proud of the fact. One simple change to showcase the ability to fulfil two roles and to hold responsibility.
How many times have you heard yourself say any of the following?
…It’s only me
…I am just …
…I am quite good at…
…It was nothing, it only took a few minutes
…I only work part-time

If your answer is never, well done! However, if these phrases seem familiar to you and they seem to form part of your daily vocabulary, consider making some minor changes and you will quickly notice the positive impact this has on your self-esteem and how you are perceived by others. Try it out, what have you got to lose?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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