Balfour Beatty publish gender pay report

Balfour Beatty have today published their 2020 Gender Pay Report.

Balfour Beatty Gender Pay Gap Report

This is an annual publication for the 250 plus employees within the business.  It looks at the difference between average pay of male and female employees across all roles as well as the gender diversity across employees in the entire business.

The report highlights that they made good progress to improve on two key metrics:

Gender Pay Gap

Gender Bonus Gap

On top of this, the report highlights various positive steps taken by the company to increase their gender diversity through an increase in proportion of female hires across the company. Highlighted by its second female Executive Committee member being appointed during the year.

Many of the improvements made in the years report can be put down to direct actions take from a rolling three year diversity and inclusion action plan that the company put in place. The core objective of the plan was to create a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture that allows their staff to reach their full potential.

As part of the companies continued investment into developing this action plan, we are delighted to continue to work with the company, providing our EMPOWER Career Development Training for women in business.  It is just one of the many steps that the company is taking to improve their Diversity and Inclusion.

What is Empower Career Development Training?

Our EMPOWER Career Development Training Programme has been designed around helping women in the workplace further their careers in the UK business environment. The training programme has now been successfully running for over a decade across the UK and has already helped over 8,000 women in business advance professionally.

The career development training programme is available as a three-month or six-month programme and covers confident communication, the importance of visibility and networking and future planning to achieve career development goals.


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