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Changing a workplace culture to bring improved morale and productivity while helping to attract, retain and progress diverse talent

If you want to change the culture of your business, it is not enough to simply add a new coffee machine to the office kitchen or dream up a Halloween fancy dress competition. If you are serious about changing the culture in your business and the workplace then you need to change the actual look and feel of a business and the behaviour of the employees through a culture transformation.

What is Culture Transformation

It is an opportunity for your business to change the way it operates in a way that will deliver a competitive advantage over your rivals and one that will address a fundamental issue that has brought the business significant challenges over the years.

But this is not like a rebranding exercise where you change your logo and everything is a-okay.  It is the widespread transformation of employee behaviour, their approach to work, client relationships and the introduction and strengthening of a diverse workforce that can bring benefits to productivity, creativity and employee retention.

Why is it important?

It is important because it can help companies set themselves up for future growth and success.  It can boost the companies profile and make your workplace a more inviting and welcoming place for people to want to work in.

It can increase employee engagement and sense of belonging which brings additional advantages including productivity and workplace morale.

When is it needed?

Sometimes it is obvious that a company needs to make serious changes to their workplace culture because of a lack or morale in the office, poor financial performances or friction between staff.

A culture change can be required when a company takeover has been competed or a business has gone through serious redundancies or hiring programmes.

And sometimes, it is needed because of pressure to change. The Me Too Movement helped to bring much needed awareness to this issue and finally forced a lot of companies into workplace culture changes to help tackle among other things sexism, racism and gender diversity.

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How workplace culture training can help

At Skills 4 Training, we support our clients to attract, retain and progress diverse talent.

During our 16 years at the cutting edge, we have supported the growth of more than 10,000 employees who have helped to shape the future of companies such as Atkins, Arcadis, Balfour Beatty, EDF, Kier and Mott MacDonald.

As a business which is both female founded and owned, we offer clients a diverse supply chain as well as first-hand, extensive knowledge of how to implement effective solutions.

We offer unrivalled expertise in the Construction and Engineering sectors with more than 16 years of experience working with more than 150 STEM organisations and over 10,000 delegates. Our proven record in collaborative & impactful partnerships helps us to deliver an agile approach which supports and enhances current EDI progress and has established long-term partnerships with some of largest names in the industry.

We are a multiple award winning diversity training company with a specialist, industry experienced training team who can provide both traditional based training programmes as well as online training for our clients to attract, retain and progress diverse talent.

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To find out more about our range of training services and how they can help your business with workplace culture change, please contact us today.  Our friendly sales team can help advise you on the benefits of diversity and inclusion training and provide you with case studies on the kind of work we do and the benefits that they have brought to our clients.

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