2024 The Year of the Ally: empowering people for positive change

2024 ‘The Year of the Ally’: Empowering People for Positive Change

Empowering Your Staff

Active allyship is a powerful tool in creating more inclusive teams and workplaces. Creating a psychologically safe environment is crucial for a more diverse, innovative, and productive workplace. Educating your workforce on how to intervene as active allies can make a significant difference in promoting a healthier workplace culture.

The A B C of Allyship?

Awareness: the first step is to be aware of what is going on around you. Pay attention and look for any microaggressions or inappropriate behaviour.

Bravery: don’t assume someone else will step in; being an active ally means finding your moral courage when you see or hear something that isn’t quite right.

Choose an appropriate response: is it appropriate to intervene directly or is it better to seek assistance or follow-up in private given the particular circumstances.

Empowering People to Move Through the Stages of Change to Intervene

People may go through stages of change, from being unaware or unconcerned about a problem to becoming active allies. Encourage your workforce to move through these stages by providing resources and training. The Inclusion Allies workshop that Skills 4 organise will help develop a psychologically safe workplace.

Here’s how it can benefit your organisation:

  1. Fostering a Safe Culture: Encouraging employees to be active allies fosters a culture of safety and support, where everyone feels responsible for each other’s well-being.
  2. Reducing Workplace Bullying: allyship can help combat workplace bullying, ensuring that victims receive immediate support and that bullies are held accountable.
  3. Conflict Resolution: allies actively support one another and advocate for inclusivity.

“Everyone needs reminder of the importance of Inclusion in an organisation and society at large” –  Chioma Umeh, STRABAG


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