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Lisa McKellen is delighted to have won a promotion just weeks after completing the Skills 4 Empower training programme.

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Improving self-belief and developing herself were a vital part of the expectations Lisa had when embarking on the training as part of the Women@Amey course.

“It seemed such a great opportunity for me to not only learn new techniques” she said, “but develop and improve myself as a person”.

Lisa’s career has taken her from banking where she worked for Barclays, both in a branch and in the solicitors, to the start of her career with Amey. She has had various roles including IT Support and Application Support and Business Improvement.

Now she has become Amey’s Customer Experience and Digital Innovation manager – a role she is relishing.

Amey is a leading infrastructure services and engineering company which has partnered with Skills 4 to develop its talented employees like Lisa. It is at the heart of modern Britain, helping the economy to grow by designing, maintaining, and transforming the nation’s strategic assets.

Amey’s workforce of 11,000 people is behind the critical services the country relies on every day and they each take personal pride in its public service. The company’s unique engineering and operations experience, together with data driven insight from its consulting business, delivers better results for its clients.

Amey is also trusted partners of Government – both national and local – managing assets and complex projects that are vital to the sustainable growth of the country.

Reflecting on the Empower programme, Lisa said Day 2: Authentic You, had the most positive outcomes and learning points for her, with the first of these being the Johari Window.

This tool is a fantastic way to understand your brand and gain feedback about yourself that often we only receive in the form of performance on specific projects or pieces of work.

“It was a very easy way to seek feedback from colleagues” said Lisa, “and it was a great way to feel more positive about myself.”

Image and reputation in the workplace are a key component of career success, with Empower highlighting the importance of understanding how we market ourselves. “Another great section of the course was about my branding,” said Lisa, “only I can change people’s perceptions of myself by letting them know of the good things I have accomplished.”

Empower also gave Lisa the tools to improve her self-belief, “we thought about an area where we feel less confident in work situations and we turned it into a positive” she said, “it sounds simple, but it has made a huge difference to my confidence in situations that I find more challenging.

“My confidence and self-belief has really improved since doing the course” Lisa said, “I had an interview for a promotion within Amey soon after the programme and I am delighted that I was appointed to the role.”

Outside of work, Lisa and her partner love to go to as many gigs as possible to relax and have fun, and she has no hesitation in recommending the Empower programme to others.

“The advice I would give to others is enjoy it and be open, look deeply at yourself as nobody is there to judge you, and get from the course as much as you possibly can.”

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