Mukta Hashmi

THRIVE Programme key to Head of Procurement overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Mukta Hashmi

Mukta Hashmi overcame Imposter Syndrome to find confidence in being a senior leader and role model, whilst empowering others to be their true selves.

Following 30 years of experience in Procurements and Supply Chain, Mukta said she initially had strong feelings of guilt when starting the programme.

“I felt I was taking up a space that would better benefit someone in the earlier part of their career but that guilt was short-lived,” she said. “I discovered the learning would apply to people at all levels of the organisation.”

Mukta brought up dealing with Imposter Syndrome as one of her key outcomes for success. “Jayne did not disappoint”, she said. “Her explanation was eye-opening and helped me with further acceptance of what it is, how to deal with it, and most importantly of all, not to see it as a weakness. It is something very successful people suffer from and is symptomatic in high achievers.”

The THRIVE course, along with EMPOWER, provides delegates with the tools to overcome Imposter Syndrome, alongside providing a safe space to discuss and explore other delegates experiences. The programmes help delegates to boost their confidence and grasp key opportunities they may not have previously gone for.

“Being given the tools to recondition my relationship with presentations and public speaking was a real confidence boost,” Mukta says. “Jayne switched my thinking from seeing it as something I tended to shy away from, to believing that I owe it others to grasp such opportunities as a role model and share my perspectives.”

Mukta was recently offered the chance of promotion and whilst Imposter Syndrome did cause her to question her abilities, she still went for it. “I give credit to Jayne and THRIVE for having helped me to change my perspective on my abilities, as that is what led me to grasp the opportunity and to do so being my true, authentic self and empowered me to inspire others to be their true selves too,” she said. “Consequently, I have taken part in podcasts, public speaking, conducted external interviews, led internal leadership sessions (which would have had me running for the hills previously) and most recently giving a talk on the Skills 4 Alumni Network.”

Mukta is mother to two teenage sons. She counts herself fortunate that she has generally had open-minded leadership and not faced many barriers during her own career and has some fantastic advice to give for those thinking of embarking on the programme.

“Have an idea about what your objectives are for attending… be open and honest on the course, get involved and don’t be afraid to share your perspectives or opinions and aim high when setting your post it notes,” she says. “move it to aspirational territory you can then set the bar to achieve.

“When it is over, keep building that alumni network… apply the learning, follow up on challenges you have set yourself and keep checking back in. Encourage others to sign up who would benefit and collaborate with Skills 4 to give talks and get involved to help others less experienced than yourself.”

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