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Empower kickstarts Callam’s career ambitions

Callam Guild

Sales Support Engineer Callam Guild feels the Skills 4 Empower programme has given him increased confidence and enabled him to demonstrate how ambitious he is to his employer.

At 25, keen amateur footballer Callam has been with Natgraph for four years and is determined to succeed having moved from a technical background into sales.

“It was important for me to improve confidence and communication skills,” said Callam. “The Empower programme has helped me do this as well as given me the chance to learn how to progress to where I want to be.”

Natgraph was founded in 1980 and since has established itself as a key player in the Industrial Printing market globally. The company is based in Nottingham, from where it exports close to 90% of factory output to customers in Europe, The Americas and Asia.

In 2019 Natgraph became part of the Indutrade Group, a Swedish Industrial Investment Group that acquires niche, innovative manufacturing companies. It has great experience and strength, with more than 200 companies and over 6,000 employees across the group.

Callam returned to the business after Empower with a renewed sense of purpose, saying the main learning points included how to deal with Imposter Syndrome and how best to make his hopes for future career progression known.

“Airing ambitions to people higher up gives a clearer path of how to get there and lets them help me as much as I need to reach my goal,” he said. “My confidence has improved, and I feel like I have furthered my personal development by completing Empower.

“I would say to anyone doing the course to give all the methods a try – they will not all work for you, but some will, and they can be easily adapted to suit yourself. Most of all trust yourself, believe in yourself and remember you are a very valuable person as well as an employee.”

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