Delivering EMPOWER Training for BAM Nuttall Ltd

We have a brand new cohort from our client BAM Nuttall Ltd who will be attending our award winning EMPOWER Programme that is designed to help women further their careers within their organisation.

Career Development Training is a proven method of training that gives employees the opportunity to further their career prospects and boost their skill levels whilst also benefiting the business they work for.

While different training providers offer different things, career development training builds upon existing knowledge and abilities, introducing new skills and assessing individual skills to help maximise an employees potential.

The core goal of our Career Development Training Programme has been designed around helping women in the workplace further their careers in the UK business environment. The training programme has now been successfully running for over a decade across the UK and has already helped over 10,000 women in business advance professionally.

And our training programme for BAM Nuttall Ltd has been delivered by our very own Lynn Tomkins. Lynn is a highly experienced operator in the skills environment with over 25 years experience. Previously Lynn was operations director for Semta the Sector Skills Council for science, engineering and advanced manufacturing.

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BAM Nuttell Ltd and their career development programme

BAM Nuttall is a part of the Royal BAM Group listed on the Dutch stock exchange. The Group is one of Europe’s largest construction companies, employing 20,000 people globally, with an annual turnover of £7 billion.

BAM Group was founded over 150 years ago and delivers exceptional engineering and construction experiences. They collaborate with clients across private and public sector partnerships in the UK and internationally.

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