International Womens day – Why do we still need one in 2019?

It’s 2019 and across the globe women (and men) come together to celebrate women’s achievements on International Women’s Day.

After the first recognised movement in 1909 in New York the movement soon spread across Europe and eventually across the rest of the world on the now settled date of 8th March.

So after 110 years why is the day still needed?
Simply put the days’ original aim – to achieve full gender equality – has not yet been achieved.

Recent reports have even shown that the Gender Pay Gap in the UK has widened on the previous year, with the construction sector topping the list with the highest gap increase.

This new data demonstrates why there is still such a mountain to climb when it comes to building a gender balanced world.

However some argue that the gap has grown due to more organisations employing more women but at a junior level. This alongside reports that more senior level women have left their posts in the past year make for the bigger pay gap. Due to the way in which it is calculated, by the ‘median’, taking the difference in pay between the middle-ranking women and the middle-ranking men.

If this is the case then we still need the ‘push’ from International Women’s Day to spur on career progression for these women. They need the confidence and motivation to take ownership of their own career development.

According to the latest Global Gender Gap report – from the World Economic Forum – at current rates it will take 61 years before this gulf is closed in Western Europe and whopping 165 years in North America. These estimates are based on the current observed pace however can this be brought forward if the right people work on creating and enforcing better parity.

women in business

This is where the IWD initiatives come into play, to raise awareness and keep policy-makers on their toes. Every year when women across the world campaign, protest and draw attention to IWD across the media they are helping to gather pace on closing the gap quicker.

IWD 2019 is the year of #BalanceForBetter women are urged to share what this means to them and how they think this balance can be achieved. Key influencers up and down the country get together to hold conferences and talks around the subject, spreading the word in the hope that equality is one day closer.

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