NHS Digital partner with Skills 4 for Career Workshop

Skills 4 were proud to deliver an interactive Boost Your Career workshop to the Women’s Network of NHS Digital as part of their International Women’s Day celebrations on the 8th March.

career development and unconscious bias for NHS

Rachel Habergham, Programme Head at NHS Digital and Chair of the Women’s Network shared the following in a press release on the day:

“Within the technology space, there is still a long way to go if we are to achieve true equality. International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to celebrate success, highlight areas we still need to challenge and enables important conversations that are required if we are going to continue to improve the current position.

We have a range of activities planned and have partnered with Skills 4 for a ‘Boost Your Career’ workshop. This will really help women take control and ownership of their career aspirations, highlight the importance of professional image and reputation, and enable them to set clear career goals”.

Skills 4 have supported over 8,000 women in STEM to advance professionally in their career to date with over two thirds being promoted within a year of completing our programmes.

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