Skills 4 Alumni Workshop 25th November 2021

This event has now passed – our next event will be in January 2022

Difference Makes A Difference

Skills 4 Alumni Workshop: 25th November 2021 at 12pm.

Speaker: Dara Jafari
Regional Director & Framework Manager

Dara is a regional director for Faithful+Gould, growing up as a middle easterner with a Muslim background – bi-lingual and having two nationalities – he has always had a passion for equality diversity and inclusion.

Dara Jafari

equality diversity and inclusion training workshop

He has brought this passion into Faithful+Gould as the ED&I lead delivering various external talks, inspiring people to learn and engage with all topics around ED&I as well as ensuring the delivery of a supply chain diversity programme.

He has faced different instances of racism in education, on social media and in his previous working life, feeling that he needed to hide aspects of his life and expected to pretend that the racism didn’t happen.

Dara is also a core team member of the Embrace network, an internal staff network for ethnic minorities, working towards driving equality and diversity to help people better understand the challenges faced by minorities within the industry.

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