Top Tips for Women in Business Career Development

The road has always been bumpy for Women in business.

But with businesses looking to address gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace, there are now real opportunities for genuine career development for women looking to get ahead in their career paths.

While there is still an ever present glass ceiling and pay inequality issues to contend with, there are many top tips that you can use to help forge a stronger career strategy that will help shape and advance your career development.

#1 – Developing your personal brand

Getting on the radar will put you front and centre for any new career development opportunities within your industry. Develop and promote your unique skills and accomplishments to allow you to be better recognised in your field.

#2 – Take on new challenges

Have the confidence to try new things. If it excites you then the learning and preparation will be worth it. Taking on new challenges can provide incredible experiences that can boost your confidence whilst teaching you new skills.

tips for women in business

tips for career development for women

#3 – Plan your career

A big part of career development is having a plan. While you may experience various unexpected twists and turns in your career, having goals will allow you to track your career development progress and give you scope to alter the plan as your life and priorities develop.

#4 – Be adaptable

In any industry, being adaptable, diverse and dynamic in a constantly evolving business landscape will help you to keep abreast of innovation, learning and new career opportunities.

#5 – Use Career Development Programmes (aka never stop learning)

Honing your business knowledge and skill while maintaining a keen learning attitude throughout your career development will not only keep you on top of the latest trends and developments but it will keep your mind sharp and focussed.

#6 – Define what you choose as success

What do you regard as success? Is it being on the board of Directors? Is it the perfect balance of work and family life? Knowing what you want will help you to target it.

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#7 – Develop your network

Building a strong network takes time but is almost always worth the effort. Getting to know the right people will allow you to develop networks both inside your current workplace and outside of it which can open up new options and opportunities within your industry.

#8 – Set your work/life balance

Monitor your work/personal life for a week. Logg everything and then review what you spend the most time on and the least time on. Learn from this to strike a better balance between what you want to do, what you need to do and what you can do less of.

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