Top ten perks of being a working mum

As part of our Returners programme, we ask women what they most enjoy about being a working mum.

Here are their top ten:


  • 1. I get the opportunity to miss my kids and really look forward to getting home.
  • 2. I get to be part of a great team at work.
  • 3. I can eat a biscuit without having to hide it.
  • 4. I have invested many years in getting my career to where it is now – it’s important to me that I am still able to continue that journey.
  • 5. The additional income gives my family broader life-choices.
  • 6. I can wear jewellery….and I don’t have a little line of vomit down the back of my top.
  • 7. I now realise that the skills I have developed as a parent, have a positive impact at work too.
  • 8. A large part of my self-esteem is linked to my work.
  • 9. I am a positive role model to my children.
  • 10. And most importantly……my work colleagues don’t follow me into the toilet.

Photo by Natasha Hall on Unsplash

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