Returning to work after Furlough

Online Training Programme for employees returning to work after being furloughed.


As restrictions start to ease across the UK after the Covid-19 pandemic, and workers are allowed to return to work after being put on furlough, it’s important to remember that everyone’s experience of furlough will be unique to them.

Many employees may be feeling uncertain and anxious about returning to work and a new way of working, especially if being furloughed was not what they would have chosen.

Providing time and support before returning to work, to work through how they are feeling and to plan for a successful return to work will be time well spent.

At Skills 4, we have designed an online training course – Return to Work Programme for furloughed staff. Designed and delivered by our experienced diversity and inclusion coaches to support the successful return to work of your most valuable resource.

The online training programme is a combination of live interactive webinars; small growth group work; and 1-2-1 remote coaching sessions using the readily accessible Zoom video software

Topics covered in the online training course before returning to work include:

Dealing with negative emotions

These could include:

  • Guilt experienced by parents sending their children back to school or childcare, to enable them to return to work after being furloughed
  • Guilt experienced by employees who have been on furlough, whilst their colleagues have been busy managing increased workloads during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Comparison bias – feeling less important and less valued by the organisation because of being furloughed.
  • Loneliness and isolation following an extended period of time at home
  • Anxiety about the health and safety aspects of returning to work after furlough.
  • Anxiety about mental wellbeing issues.
  • Anxiety about working from home. In addition, in some cases, employees may have experienced relationship breakdowns and/or bereavements during their time off work.

returning to work after furlough

returning to work after furlough

Resilience and managing change

  • Returning to a different role/team/line-manager
  • Feeling left behind when joining a team who are now experienced and confident with online remote working
  • Maintaining positive mental health
  • Prioritising and time management skills

Once employees have returned to work after furlough, the online training course topics include:

Return to work after furlough toolkit

  • Resilience during organisational restructure
  • Dealing with difficult conversations
  • The importance of visibility

returning to work after furlough

women returning to work after furlough

Motivation and goal setting

  • The growth mindset
  • Understanding motivation
  • Setting appropriate goals
  • Action planning

Returning to work after being Furloughed is an online training programme that can provide an invaluable new way of helping your staff get back up to speed with the ways and methods of online working from home. Whilst online training may be a relatively new platform, it has already shown to have significant positive results whilst helping to address any anxiety issues that your staff may have – BEFORE they become issues that can affect workplace morale and productivity.

Our online diversity and inclusion training is a successful new style of a training programme that we have launched for companies across the UK. As an award-winning training provider, we have taken the very best of our existing training courses and adapted them into an online platform; offering the same high-quality learning experience that we have become so highly regarded for, without the need for classroom delivery.

A different delivery model with the same high-quality learning experience.

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returning to work after furlough