Our first face to face session in over a year

After what has seemed like an eternity but was in actual fact just over a year, we are delighted to announce that we have just completed our first face to face training programme in over a year!

It is of course great to be back meeting those who attend our training programme face to face because we get to hear all about the fantastic journeys through the programme.

This is just the first of many training programmes we have lined up going forwards as the UK has opened up after the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown and already, we can’t wait for the next one to begin.

What was our first training programme after lockdown restrictions ended?

Our award-winning EMPOWER Career Development Training Programme was our first face to face session to be run in over a year. It was delivered by our very own Michelle Lewis for Indutrade UK Ltd.

Indutrade UK Ltd is an international group that sells high tech products and solutions that help customers to improve their own products and streamline their production processes.

career development training for women in Business

Empower Career Development Programme

The core goal of our Career Development Training Programme has been designed around helping women in the workplace further their careers in the UK business environment. The training programme has now been successfully running for over a decade across the UK and has already helped over 10,000 women in business advance professionally.

The career development training programme is available as a three-month or six-month programme and can be delivered in a face to face or webinar format.

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Did you know…

We also offer our Career Development Training Programme online. As more and more businesses turn to remote learning as ‘the new normal’, we can deliver the same award winning training programme digitally for your team regardless of where they are.

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