Signing up to CN’s Inspiring Women Pledge for Gender Equality

We are proud to have joined the CN Inspiring Women in Construction Pledge


Launched in early June of this year by Construction News,  the Inspiring Women in Construction Pledge is a voluntary code that companies can adopt in order to better demonstrate their determination to promote gender equality.

Others who have agreed to the Inspiring Women in Construction Pledge

  • Aggregate Industries
  • Constructionarium
  • FM Conway
  • Dornan Group
  • RLB (Rider Levett Bucknall)

Those who sign the pledge agree to:

  • Recognise the diverse perspectives and skills that women bring to the workforce.
  • Ensure HR policies actively promote gender equality.
  • Make unconscious-bias training mandatory for anyone in charge of selecting other people.
  • Use inclusive language in recruitment adverts and job descriptions.
  • Establish programmes for female employees to support career progression.
  • Take steps to close their gender pay gap.

promoting gender equality in the workplace

If you would like to find out more about the CN’s Inspiring Women Pledge please use the link below.

Press Release

At Skills 4 Training, we provide a range of career development training programmes that help to attract, retain and progress diverse talent in STEM sectors across the globe.

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INCLUDE: Unconscious Bias & Conscious Inclusion Training

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