Diversity & Inclusion Training Services

Delivering training programmes and online training for businesses in the Construction and Engineering sector who are looking to address gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace to help promote career development while attracting and retaining diverse talent.

We have worked with more than 150 STEM organisations both in the UK and across the globe. And thanks to advances in technology, we can provide our diversity training either through face to face ‘traditional’ training sessions as well as through more global online training that uses video conferencing software.

award winning online diversity training

EMPOWER – Career Development Training

Career Development Training that has been designed to help women in business further their careers. This career development training course has been running for over a decade and has helped over 10,000 women in business advance professionally.

Career Development Training Course

THRIVE – Positive Action Development Training

Built around the framework of EMPOWER, our career development training programme, THRIVE is designed to help level the playing field, addressing minority groups to enable diverse talent to thrive in your business.

Positive Action Development Training Course

INCLUDE – Positive Action Development Training

Gender Diversity and inclusion remains firmly on the corporate agenda. This training course covers equality, diversity and inclusion, addressing unconscious bias in the workplace that can affect human beings and their ability to operate successfully in a fast-moving world.

Unconscious Bias Training Course

Returning to work after Maternity Leave

Whether you are returning after your first child or have been balancing work and family life for some time, this Skills4 online programme will deliver renewed confidence and targeted interventions to help you focus on specific areas of your work and home life.

Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

Online Diversity Training

With the advancement of communication tools and online technology, comes new opportunities that are readily available and accessible to your business.

Opportunities that Skills 4 have pushed forward with, to offer our clients and their employees a more flexible, dynamic, and accessible way of training.

We offer all of our diversity courses as an online option for businesses with real nationwide or international teams who want to take part in career development and diversity training from multiple locations, all at the same time.

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Career Development Programme Client Testimonial – Ednah Nzombe

Ednah Nzombe talks about her career development and opportunities since attending the Skills 4 Career Development Programme. Ednah is a Project Manager at Mott MacDonald the global engineering organisation.

Attract, Retain and Progress Diverse Talent


Create role models at all levels

Reduce pay gaps

Enhance brand & attract more talent


Tackle unconscious bias

Create an inclusive culture

Embed EDI into organisational culture

diversity training and unconscious bias benefits


Level the playing field:

Empower: Career Development Programme for Women

Thrive: Positive Action Career Development Programme

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Award Winning Diversity Training

from addressing gender diversity to other unconscious bias in the workplace

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