THRIVE: Online Career Development Training for Women

Online Career Development Training for Women

Thanks to the latest advances in online communication systems, we are now able to offer our award winning career development training programme not just to businesses in the UK but globally to women in business who are looking to further their careers.

Online Training Course Overview

The primary target and goal of our online career development training course is to help women in the workplace who are looking to further their business careers in the office environment. As an award winning training provider, we have developed this specialist training course over more than a decade of test and development to now offer it on an online platform. To date, we have already helped over 8,000 women in business advance their professional careers.

Within one year of taking part in our online training course…

had higher levels of confidence/self-belief.
had improved their communication skills.
had improved their presentation skills. (Part of the 4 Day Programme)
were more positive about progression within their organisation.
took extra responsibility within their current role.

Within one year of completing the programme over two thirds of participants have been promoted!

Module One:
Confident Communication

The first module of this online training course examines the impact of communication on our professional image while introducing a selection of useful tools and techniques that can be taken advantage of to help delegates feel more confident and in control when faced with potentially difficult conversations at work.

We will look at different communication styles and the impact that these communication styles can have on both our daily interactions with work colleagues, business relationships and the outcomes we achieve from these. The online training course also explores unconscious bias, so that participants can broaden their understanding of the dynamics of diverse groups and communicate with greater rapport.

Participants of our training course will:

  • Develop an understanding of the impact that unconscious bias can have on our behaviour and decision making;
  • Learn advanced communication techniques to build better rapport;
  • Know how to use verbal and body language to increase presence and confidence;
  • Leave the session with new knowledge and techniques for achieving more productive and positive internal and external relationships.

Module Two: Authentic You

This section of the Career Development Course explores the importance of image, visibility and effective networking on career progression. Participants in this online training course will gain the skills and confidence to showcase the talent, knowledge and achievements that they have to offer their organisation so that they can give their employers access to the widest possible talent pool.

Participants of our training course will:

  • Use NLP to develop techniques to improve self-image and positive behaviours;
  • Understand and gain feedback on the image presented at work;
  • Understand the importance of organisational visibility and improve networking, rapport-building and showcasing skills;
  • Leave the session with techniques to improve their professional visibility while retaining authenticity.

Module Three: Future Focussed

This section of the online career development course gives participants the opportunity to consolidate learning from module one (Confident Communication) through the delivery of a pre-prepared presentation.

career development training for women in the workplace

Module Four (Optional): Review & Presentation

Throughout our online career development training programme, participants are supported to develop their presentation skills. In this final module, participants will be invited to deliver a short presentation to the rest of their peer group to share lessons and successes from their time on our THRIVE Online Career Development Program.

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