Unconscious Bias in the workplace

What is unconscious bias in the workplace?

Is unconscious bias training in the workplace effective?

What is unconscious bias in recruitment?

Deeply subconscious attitudes that cover race, gender, appearance, age, wealth, fashion and style tastes and much more are all reasons for unconscious biases.

Sometimes this can affect simple purchasing choices and other times it can affect how and who we work with in an office environment.

These barely visible drivers can have far reaching consequences in many areas of business from impairing diversity and retention rates to deeper promotion of a negative culture within the workplace.

The main biases that can affect the workplace are:

  • Warming to people similar to ourselves
  • Thinking that a person is good because you like them
  • Forming stereotypes and assumptions that blind you to the correct decision
  • Copying others in the workplace to better fit in

An unconscious bias can undermine your companies recruitment policies and hiring efforts and can even hinder employee development which can be a destabilizing issue for businesses of all sizes across the UK.

The direct benefits to businesses having a diverse workforce are well known and offer a better innovative drive, creativity, recruitment and retainment opportunities.

The first steps to addressing unconscious bias in the workplace is to acknowledge that we all have them. At Skills 4, we have created a comprehensive and leading training course for businesses looking to address the unconscious biases that flow through their workplace.

It will enable businesses to:

  • Understand how their biases are created and maintained by neurology and socialisation
  • Explore how bias can be triggered and controlled
  • Develop ideas to counter bias in people decisions at a company and personal level
  • Be given the opportunity to take some personal bias assessment tests following the session*

If you would like to know more about our unconscious bias training programme, please click here.