The benefits of gender diversity in the workplace

While far too many industry sectors in UK business still lack gender diversity, it is a crucial key to business success.

By tackling gender diversity in the workplace, it can help to break industry stereotypes and highlight the importance of females in the workplace.

Wider Talent Pool

By introducing gender diversity into your workforce, you gain access to a wider talent pool. This variety in talent can introduce vital different viewpoints, ideas and insights into business dealings ranging from problem solving to an increase in overall business efficiency and performance.

Innovation, creativity and opportunities are all there for the taking with a balanced and diverse workforce that can communicate more effectively.

And this gender diverse workforce can also help to retain existing female talent in your business and attract new talent that can strengthen your business. Women in business look for employment opportunities with businesses that offer a strong and diverse opportunity for them to advance their career development with.

Positivity in the workplace

Numerous studies have shown that gender diversity can bring an increased positivity to the workplace. A diverse and positive workplace is naturally a more productive and inclusive workplace where your employees can feel confident in self promoting their skills, communicate their career development ambitions and show an increased drive to progress their career and really thrive in your company. The positive environment created by a diverse and inclusive workplace allows employers to reap the benefits in increased production, job satisfaction and career development.

Businesses across the world that implement diversity policy will notice the benefits of gender diversity through a number of areas including:

Recruitment – The balance of men and women should be equal when it comes to recruitment opportunities and when it comes to applying for positions, sending out interviews and being hired. Gender Diversity Policies within businesses can help to ensure that great female candidates are not overlooked during the hiring process.

Job Retention – Due to gender imbalance, women have found it harder to climb the career ladder compared to men. A gender diversity policy can have a huge effect on job retention over a short period of just 5 – 10 years.

Pay/Salary – From base pay to annual bonuses and performance clauses. Gender Diversity Policy should address this to ensure that there is no unintentional bias against female employees in your company.

Career Development – With proper career development plans in place, women are more likely to be promoted and seek promotion opportunities within the business. Having a diversity and inclusion policy that helps to promote, attract and retain employees will naturally see more Women advance their career in your business.

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Gender Diversity is a constant work in progress. The businesses that recognise the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce will benefit from the many positive factors that they bring to a business. From financial benefits to a more positive working environment. All of which can help a business to further reach its full potential.

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