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We’re multiple Award-Winning STEM Sector Specialists who support our clients to attract, retain, and progress their employees to help make the most of the exceptional diverse talent within the STEM Sectors.

We recognise the challenges to retaining your talent, particularly with women and people from other under-represented groups, leading to low retention rates and loss of diverse talent.

Our programmes empower your employees to become more confident in their communication, feel more authentic, focus on their futures, and to thrive in their careers. All of which is key to creating successful, aspirational role models, enhancing your employer brand, and attracting more diverse talent to increase innovation and meet future challenges.

In addition to our sector expertise and best-practice knowledge, our Moving the Dial Survey provides an perceived organisational barriers report delving into your culture and benchmarking against other STEM companies; whilst our Unconscious Bias and Inclusion Ally workshops help create more inclusive workplaces where all employees feel psychologically safe to contribute fully.

Moving the Dial

Our Services

EMPOWER: Career Development Training for Women

Our award-winning programme has a proven record in levelling the playing field.

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THRIVE: Positive Action Career Development

Enable your diverse talent to thrive with our Positive Action Career Development Programme.

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Unconcious Bias

Creating inclusive, psychologically safe workplaces where we can all bring our best self to work.

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Inclusion Allies

Allyship is a key factor in creating workplaces where everyone feels safe to be their authentic selves.

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Our Vision:

To live in a world where everyone brings their true self to work.

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